Donna Abrams

Donna Abrams graduated from Mar-Ken School in 1948 with a major in English. She is a member of Sigma Gamma Lamda. She was senior class Vice-President as well as the Salutatorian. Donna received the Mar-Ken School Poetry Award in 1948 for “The Future.”

“The Future”

What of the future can be foresee?
There can be no perspective in Mystery
“Tomorrows Creations,” are todays innovations
And yesterdays achievements but a memory.

The future is only a figure of speech
Something intangible, quite out of reach
Explore if you must, the frontier of time
but don’t let your dreams become too sublime.

From the 1946 Mar-Ken Yearbook as a Sophomore:
Donna Abrams (president)
Scene 1 – Born in Clark, South Dakota on June 24.
Scene 2 – She is known for her cute dimples and pleasing personality.
Scene 3 – Her pet peeve is people who pull bows.
Scene 4 – Her ambition is to be a stage and screen actress.

Donna was a member of the Los Buenos Vecinos (The Good Neighbors Club) in 1946.

From the 1947 Mar-Ken Yearbook as a Junior:
Name – Donna Abrams
Born – South Dakota, June 24
Saying – I Don’t Know!!!
Ambition – Actress
Pastime – Everything
Talent – Pianist
Can You Imagine – Donna Abrams not going to the Drug Store after school?
Nickname – Dee

From the 1948 Mar-Ken Yearbook as a Senior:
Name: Donna Abrams
Born: June 24
Ambition: Actress
Talent: Drawing
Sport: Everything
Hobby: Collecting rocks
Saying: I have to take a lesson now
Song: Begin the Beguine
Feature: Dimples
What if – Donna didn’t have her dimples.

From Quatrains in the 1948 Mar-Ken Yearbook:

Donna Abrams is a cute
With her dimples she’s a beaut
As vice-president of her class
This girl is really quite a lass