Laurence M. Feldman ("Larry")

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See Larry in a picture of the Mar-Ken 1953 Jamboree.

Laurence Feldman was a student at Mar-Ken School, and he later taught there. He tells us: "I entered Mar-Ken in September 1947 as a 6th grade student, was advanced a grade to 7th during the second semester and did indeed graduate in 1952 after some juggling of records based upon attendance at each summer school. After having graduated during the spring of 1952 I entered UCLA, taught a class during the summer when Mar-Ken held summer school in Cuernavaca and continued teaching an intro language course at Mar-Ken during the Autumn semester as I recall using Mario Pei's 1949 book on language as a text.

Larry is now living in Arizona, and has retired from his position as Head, Sciences and Engineering Libraries, Lederle Graduate Research Center, University of Massachusetts.

From 1950 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Name: Larry Feldman
Born: Oct. 3, Cleveland, Ohio
Ambition: Rancher
Hobby: Weight lifting
Favorite Food: Meatballs
Nickname: Wrango
Song: "Mule Train"
Feature: Muscles
Talent: Never getting excited

From 1951 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Name: Larry Feldman
Birthday: October 8th
Place of Birth: Cleveland
Class: Junior
Ambition: Rancher
Special Interest: Folklore
Suppressed Desire: To get through school
Favorite Saying: "Gade"

From 1952 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Name: Larry Feldman
Class: Senior
Ambition: Indian Agent
Special Interest: Indians
Suppressed Desire: Travel around the world
Saying: "What's wrong with the Indians?"

Larry's yearbook photo, 1952.
Barry Wilson, Patricia Mann, and Larry Feldman in the snow in Wrightwood, California
Mar-Ken School students Barry Wilson (L), Patricia Mann, and Larry Feldman (R) in Wrightwood, California snow.

Other photos of Larry:

Larry Feldman and horse Larry Feldman at barn
Larry Feldman at Mar-Ken gate Larry Feldman photo
Larry Feldman