William Kent Bessire

Born: 8 May, 1919, Illinois
Died: 30 June, 1993, age 74

Kent was the son of Paul B. Bessire and Minnie Ethel Bessire. He was a dancer and enjoyed putting on the Mar-Ken shows each year. His ambition was to be a professional performer, but after his mother's death in 1954, he took over the Directorship of Mar-Ken School in Sherman Oaks. Kent taught a wide variety of classes including Orientation, Psychology, American History, World History, World Literature, Geometry and Music Appreciation to mention a few.

From the 1943 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Kent Bessire, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bessire, is vice-president of Mar-Ken and our favorite representative in the Army Air Corps.
Kent is one of those rare teachers who can manage a class at all times and still be known and loved by that class as a swell guy. His pet peeve is people chewing gum in class. Many are those who have seen the flash of his eye as he quietly, but firmly asked them to remove the gum form their mouths. Yet, when the final bell rings he is the first to pass a package of gum.
When the War is over, and Kent comes back, it will be a pleasure to smilingly, but ever so rapidly, spit out our gum.

From the 1954 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Name: Wm. Kent Bessire
Birthday: May 8
Birthplace: Princeton, Illinois
Class: Senior + + +
Ambition: Travel
Special Interest: Architecture
Suppressed Desire: To live in Mexico
Favorite Saying: "Have you seen my new Starfire?"







Mrs. Bessire and Kenya Kennedy
Mrs. Bessire and Kenya Kennedy, circa 1953