Mary Irene Barbul

Peggy Montgomery praises Miss Barbul as a teacher. She was a new graduate from Immaculate Heart College when she first came to Lawlor Professional School. If you thirsted to learn, like Peggy did, Miss Barbul went out of her way to work with you. Peggy recalls being introduced to English Literature, not in a class that Miss Barbul taught, but as an extra curricular activity. She remains to this day deeply indebted to the education she received from this fine teacher. (Interview of Diana Serra Cary, September, 2004, by Alan Simon).

From the 1940 Mar-Ken Yearbook:
Miss Mary Barbul - Principal
This young member of our faculty has been with us for many years and has worked her way up to become Principal of Mar-Ken. She is very well liked by all members of he student body and her classes in English, Humanities and Sociology are the most popular in the school. Her credentials prove that she is fond of the west coast and its California educational system. She received her A.B. at U.C.L.A. and her A.M. at U.S.C.