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   About The Alumni List  

This list contains students who attended the Lawlor Professional School in Hollywood, or the Mar-Ken School in Hollywood or Sherman Oaks, California. If a high school graduation date is known, it appears after the student's name. Clicking on a highlighted name will open a window where additional information about that student can be viewed, as well as a photograph, if available.

Nicknames appear in parentheses and quotes ("nickname") after a student's true name. A name that appears in parentheses without quotes (married) is the person's married name.

The information for this list comes from yearbooks, periodical articles, other alumni, books, obituaries and websites. It is likely there are errors in the list, and the list is far from complete. Please submit any names of students not on the list, or corrections or additional information about students or faculty and the years they attended the school to the Webmaster (

If you would like your biographical information put on this website, please submit a short paragraph to the Webmaster. A current photo will also be posted if you provide one. It can be emailed as a JPEG file, or contact the webmaster for other submission options (a photo can be mailed and will be returned after it is scanned). Remember that any information posted on this website can be viewed by anyone.

   Contacting People On the List  

If you wish to contact any person on the list, email the Webmaster ( and your contact information will be forwarded to the individual if that individual has their address on file.

You may submit your own confidential contact information to the Webmaster. It will not be given out and will only be used to forward any contact requests or to notify you of any Lawlor/Mar-Ken alumni events. An email address is preferred, but a postal address is acceptable, and is probably a good idea to back up your email address in case you change it and forget to notify the Webmaster.


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